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Welcome to my web site! As you go through the pages, I hope you will see how important it is for me that learning be FUN! Whether it's silly puns or school visits-- I'm always game. Please shoot me an email at if I can be of service!  MT




 Teach Florida history in 15 minutes (or less?)

Oh yes, you can!

At the behest of my over-tested teacher friends, I have created Hidden History, Florida, a multimedia STEAM piece that yes, satisfies many standards, but also reminds teachers /readers that learning can be fun!

Hidden History, Florida is a multimedia adventure for readers of all ages. Integrating reading and writing standards into social studies curriculum, each chapter can be read, and activities done, in under 15 minutes!  It has an amazing web site ... Is available as an audio book for struggling readers (or just for fun!)...  Just shoot me an email at to get your copy of the written presentation...

I am psyched!


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 About me: I was raised in Ormond Beach, Florida, because of a coin toss. When my father retired from the Navy, I (and my mother and brothers) left Italy and moved back to the States. Once in Florida, Mama and Daddy had a decision to make: Would they raise their young family in Winter Park (his hometown) or in Ormond Beach (hers)? Daddy flipped the quarter; Mama won the toss.

 So, I was raised on my mother’s turf, and spent most of my formative years yearning to live elsewhere—somewhere—anywhere more exciting than this. Upon graduation from Seabreeze High School (Mother’s alma mater) I rejoiced upon seeing that last palm tree in my rear-view mirror.   I was headed to north! To Georgia.

 After graduating from college, I met my husband, we married and moved around with the Coast Guard.  Twenty years later, ironies of ironies, I found myself back here with my young family.  Doing what? Why promoting the area, of course!

My writing career began with The Mystery at Hotel Ormond. The story was written for our (then) 8 year-old daughter who wanted nothing to do with her mother’s hometown (fancy that!) Constructing this adventure around names and landmarks just becoming familiar to her was my attempt to help my daughter feel more at home.

And you know what? It worked.

It worked so well that when our mayor was selecting a book for the "One Book, One Community~Ormond Beach" literacy campaign, he selected mine!

The past thirteen years have been a blur of public appearances, contests, walking tours and lectures. I've sure gotten my 25 cents worth. Thanks, Mom, for calling "heads."

Teachers! My books come with field trips and teaching guides!

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 What's the best way to pass the time while waiting in line at Disney? For Katie it's reading a great book! Thanks, Marian! Photo courtesy of Matt Coleman (made my day! :-) 

Fifth Grade Field Trip to Blue Springs: Beautiful weather, excited to see the manatees. Marian Strong Tomblin, it's January 29th...  The night of the Blue Moon where Lori goes to the Springs to rescue her parents. Love your story Manatee Moon, excited you will be with us today!

Courtesy of Brian Wheeler and Cypress Creek Elementary 

 Here's a brief video commissioned by PBS station WUCF showing the fun the entire 3rd grade from Cypress Creek Elementary enjoyed while visiting a place most of them had only read about in Fly-in Fox Tales-- historic Spruce Creek. Sound like fun? Your school can do this, too!





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More About Marian

I am an award-winning novelist and Florida historian who enjoys nothing more than creating a sense of "ownership" in children-- ownership of their community, of their environment, of their future.

Both of my environmentally friendly NIE (Newspapers in Education) serials have been awarded "Best in-Paper Content" by the SNPA (Southern Newspaper Publishers Association).

I am currently finishing up a graphic novel focusing on Florida history and its audio book.

Four of my seven novels are currently being used as textbooks in more than 25 Central Florida schools. Below is a photo from my walking tour. Look like fun? Contact me to do this with your group!